This 4 minute short inspired by the image below sees a foot model and his partner bump heads on their views of one another’s unique passions and careers escalating into a heated argument that concludes in an unprecedented choice of actions. 


  • Created & Written by: Luis Briceño & Rob Christ & Gia Simone 
  • Starring: 

          Kanish Vangiliappan as Marley 

          Sean Wittmaäck as Diane 

          Luis Briceño as Photographer 

  • Cinematography: Luis Briceño & Rob Christ 
  • Sound: Rob Christ
  • Photography: Luis Briceño
  • Editing: Gia Simone & Luis Briceño
  • Coloring: Gia Simone


Shoot a scene based/inspired on still images provided by the professor. The film must be 3 to 5 minutes. 


Contributed Materials


Annotated script to visualize shots and sequences. Used the annotations to plan shot list. 

Shot List

Created shot list to plan rough editing outline and camera layout. Color coded and added legend for simplicity and organization while shooting. 

Using Format