This 6 and a half minute portrait film briefly tells Jose G. Briceño’s life as narrated by his mother, his brother, and lastly himself. The short film utilizes experimental techniques of projections and out of synch voice overs to reproduce a memory-like feeling while accompanied by archival photographs from the subject’s childhood.


  • Created by: Luis Briceño 
  • Narrated by: Tatiana Briceño, Luis Briceño, Jose Briceño
  • Cinematography: Luis Briceño
  • Sound: Luis Briceño
  • Editing: Luis Briceño


3-5 minute portrait film of a person or group. Subject must be nonfiction. No "talking head" interviews (though audio interviews can be used as voice-over narration). No non-diegetic music (unless a crucial aspect to understanding the subject. For example, if the subject is a musician then the film may feature his/her/their music).

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